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About Me

Portrait of Mark Palombella Hart


Mark Palombella Hart has been interested and practised in Photography for more years than he would care to mention. He loves being outdoors, whether it's at the sea, mountains or forest. He loves it all! 

Photography gives him that reason to be there and the fact he is based in North Wales, UK. He has it all on his doorstep.

Mark's photographic interpretation is heavily influenced on a profound need to understand and interpret the world around him, which comes from his background of being a professional archaeologist, where he has spent many years interpreting human impact on the landscape. Mark incorporates this analytical approach with his natural creativity to produce his unique photography.

When Mark is not out and about photographing the wonderful landscapes of North Wales he is usually researching in Genetic Genealogy and family history as well as looking after the animals on his smallholding in the Welsh hills.

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                                    Tel 07725 865177          Llanelian, Conwy, Wales, UK

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